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The “Heart” of our Homes.

 Kitchens must be functional, but can also become social hubs and gloriously beautiful spaces.



Lighting is theatre. Spaces can transform from boring to fabulous with a single switch. Furniture, art and people can look and feel much improved. Lighting is more important than we know.


After solving basic functional needs, there is still much more to bathroom design than colors, lighting, and material selections. Small details matter. Thinking about future needs involves understanding “Universal Design”.

Media Room:

Design creativity


Fireplaces and Focal Points:

Where are the unique opportunities for expression of unique and distinctive interior architecture?

 A fireplace is only one such opportunity.





Design details are critically important to all projects, no matter the budget.

They say that God is in the details. Taking the time to find beautiful and functional details can make all the difference. Find a Designer that loves details.