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Remodeling and Additions:

Are the existing spaces in your home functional and beautiful?

 An “open” feeling with ample natural light is still prized. Improving comfort and reducing energy costs may be most important remodel of all.

Basement and Attic Finishes:

There is extra real estate in most homes that has great potential for smart and cost effective development. Let us help you use these resources.



The “Heart” of our Homes.

Kitchens must be functional, but can also become social hubs and gloriously beautiful spaces.

Energy Savings:

We can recommend auditors. We can share years of experience and advise on the best return for the investment, (ROI). Our passion for energy conservation began in the 1970’s!

Media Rooms:

A fantasy themed destination dedicated to the ultimate sound and sight experience – OR – a multipurpose social gathering space that is also the media hub.

Garden Design:

The potential for outdoor living and beautiful garden design is endless.

The smallest courtyard gardens to grand vistas inspire us to enjoy and appreciate life.